San Jacinto Restaurant Ghost

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  1. Lifer says:

    Excellent post, and exactly the reason exists!
    This is at and next to (north east side) of the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery, a place I’ve been to. If anyone has more information on the events above, please let us know!

  2. Clara Normal says:

    Hi Michael,
    Been years since your excellent story was first posted, and we have had a lot of time to work out a lot on this location and the general area. We have, quite a few times, checked the area where the old restaurant was, and everything you describe is very accurate. The current name of the restaurant is the same as it was, and they are still doing good business with what I understand is a good menu. We still have not eaten there.
    Interestingly, a restaurant (now closed) across the street, which served basically only breakfast and lunch, we did have a chance to investigate a couple times, as they were, in this, the present, were having similar issues to that which you describe. Weird feelings, a walk in door that would open on its own, also caught on security cameras.
    What we determined is this area, so close to the cemetery (which is quite active, by the way) has what we call wanderers emanating out from it on occasion. This are sometimes place memory ghosts, and sometimes intelligent spirits. In neither case do they mean any harm, apparently, they’re just out doing their thing, so to speak.
    As to the dagger, yep, I’d say someone wanted it found. I have not located any stories that correspond to a lost dagger, but we’re still keeping our eyes and ears open.

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